With every choking breath, another right to be.
The greyed out flesh remains, and now it crawls to me.
Mistaken causes, my focus snaps in sight.
Bring out the dusk, wash out the light.

In the harshest way, in the blackest day
I feel threatened, yet I need to stay.
From the crimson rain, I can feel no pain.
And the needles hit me as I fall insane.

The blood slams through my veins. It's only just begun.
I hear a voice scream out, and know that I'm the one.
Thoughts creep through my mind, in out and done.

Fire dances 'round, my hands are full of dust.
I feel my heart beat, and tear it from the crust.

(lyrics by Evan Nave - ©Lestat - 2011)



I don't like the film
I don't like the film
Play it all back
Play it all back

And I don't like the scenery
And I don't like the set so
Pull it all down
Pull it all down

But I like the actors
And I like the show

We're so exposed
We're so exposed
Anything can happen
Anything can happen

Don't let them see
Don't let them know
And you wonder why
And you wonder why

Turn off the lights
And turn off the sound

(lyrics by Gary Numan - ©1979)


Long Since Forgotten

(Verse 1)
Staring down the path, the freshest eyes will never see
The twisting turns and rivulets of time.
It’s only when you stand before the final fate
That you will know what lies behind the gate.

A hard and lonely road you see, it seems like gray is all you feel.
Just for once if only they could see you there.
A nameless face is what you leave, a fading mark on history.
Look for memories, but no one seems to care.
Pretty words on granite, stained with rain and washed in night.
A legacy of broken wishes, hardened truths and stinging lies.
It’s been so long since you could sigh. It’s been so long since you have tried to bring yourself to life.
Long since forgotten.

(Verse 2)
Waiting for the chance to speak, yet that time will never come.
The quiet feeling of resolve. Empty thoughts in which you bathe.
Hopeless drifting through the stream, and wanting naught but time.
Praying for some small remembrance of your life.

(lyrics by Evan Nave - ©Lestat - 2011)


Midnight Toll

Kneel down to kiss the earth and pray. The time has come, and so I wait.
It starts a melancholy dream. And when it tolls, it tolls for me.
I feel the touch upon my brow. Nowhere left to go but down.
It takes me where I need to be. And when it tolls, it tolls for me.

(Verse 1)
My past had passed or so it seemed. So full of hope, so full of need.
A moment lost in cracks of time. What now is pain was once divine.
Too late to see the cut most unkind, no more to do, the rite is mine.

(Verse 2)
My mind made up, the pact at hand. Lost all control like bleeding sand.
I see her now, a blur, a dream. My soul is numb, my body screams.
A tainted wish of what could be, now faded thoughts belong to me.

(lyrics by Evan Nave - ©Lestat - 2011)


Nothing Left

(Verse 1)
Slumbering on, a century of dreams and nights
Wrapped in the earth, and enveloped in her embrace.
Harsh sudden waves pound again and again.
Awakening now, you are exhausted and all alone. 

Open your eyes, lift up your head. Face in the wind, dance with the dead.
Rubble and dust, sinew and blood. Last of your kind, none of your brood.
A matter of time, a hunger and pain. Panicking now, while nothing remains.
Immortal king, standing alone. Ruler of all, and ruler of none.

(Verse 2)
Air burning bright, a symphony of fire.
What will you do? When nothing can be done?
Brush strokes of rage for no one to hear or see.
Back to the grave to chance fate once more.

(lyrics by Evan Nave - ©Lestat - 2011)


Sent From Hell

(Verse 1)
Porcelain skin and eyes cold as ice. Claws running red and tongue dripping lies.
Quickly she shifts from lust into pain. Festering wounds are all that remains.
Foolishly fall into her embrace. Wondering why, wondering late.
Smiling so sweetly, grinning so wrong. Just hold on tight. This won’t take long.
Once she’s inside you, she won’t let go.  Ignorance lost and now you will know.

Brimstone - Hellfire
Molten hate – Razor veins 

(Verse 2)
Feast on your heart and spit out your soul. Cut to the bone and swallow you whole.
No sense of wonder, no more regret. Try to escape, but she will not let you.
Razor sharp teeth pierce into your flesh. Tight round your throat, a blood speckled leash.
Claw for the ground. Scream without sound.

(lyrics by Evan Nave - ©Lestat - 2011)



(Verse 1)
Washed out strain - Broken trust
Before time - Blatant lies
Bleeding stain - Uncaring arms
Strangled vine - Pushed me aside
Harshest ones - Severed bonds
Feeding late - Nothing left
Sharpened tongues - Empty words
Horror state - You fall from grace

(Verse 2)
Weep in vain - Action speak
Scar and burn - Words do not
Fleeting bane - Connection gone
Chances turn - Snapped in two
Gnashing maw - Promised me
Tear the night - Turned away
Razor claw - I trusted you
Fearing right - You let me down

(lyrics by Evan Nave and Susan - ©Lestat - 2011)


Awake and Watching

We can turn the thing over
and the man, he will utter
'Is there anyone following you?'
can I make a suggestion
will you answer the question
what the hell you gonna do?

In his eyes, oblivion
in his arms, another one
is there anyone who understands
Do you breathe the same as me
is there anything you see
that isn't framed by wood and glass.

Select a new channel
depress it and cancel
there's a victim on channel 2
there is a fire on water
and a lamb at the slaughter
and a murder right after the news

In his eyes...

Tune into the horror
this is Dracula's daughter
there is a coffin and crucifix too
and then just after the struggle
with the good and the evil
there's a Weetabix advert to view.

In his eyes...

(lyrics by Click Click - ©1988)


Little Girl Lost

Her eyes are full of wonder and belief.
I wish that she could only see what I have seen.
Gliding ‘round and ‘round  the path of misery.
Nothing here and nothing more for her to be.

(Verse 1)
Draped in white and dancing free - One moment here and quickly gone
A girl alone within the scene - Trapped in space for far too long
Lily dress and outstretched arms – With flowing hair of yellow grain
Around her neck a golden charm – And on her back a deep red stain

(Verse 2)
She skips along the balcony – A backdrop washed in pain
Fear grips me, I want to flee – The vision makes me stay
Seconds crawl in agony – She dances on without a care
In little time, she will be free – Yet I am locked in dead man’s stare

(Final Chorus)
Her eyes are full of wonder and belief.
I wish that she could only see what I have seen.
Watching over her as she begins to play.
She glances back, smiles at me and then she fades.

(lyrics by Evan Nave - ©Lestat - 2011)